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Kevins Green Heroes

Come and find us on 04.10-08.10 at the NEC Birmingham.

2.16 million tonnes of denim waste is produced each year. Denimolite aims to reduce the evironmental impact of this waste by using it to manufacture new luxury products, provide customers with peace of mind that at the end of life, their denim products won't contribute to textile pollution as well as providing denim manufacturers a new waste disposal method for offcuts produced during the jean manufacture process. The garments and textiles are initially processed by cutting into thin strips using a custom-made strip cutting machine, then infused with a part plant-based bio-resin, before being compression moulded into Denimolite composite. Once cured the composite material can then be machined into new products using traditional manufacturing techniques.

The final surface texture has a marble-like finish that can be compared to Damascus steel, whilst still possessing the tactile qualities of denim fabric. Due to the nature of the fabrication process, each item will be unique and have a texture, unlike any other product. Denimolite is strong, possessing material properties such as a young's modulus similar to abs plastic & a poissions ratio similar to cast iron. Currently the material is undergoing testing for BS 5577-1999 certification. Applications for Denimolite are limitless, so far has experimented with applications in furniture, kitchenware utensils and cutlery, worktop surfaces and cabinet/ door handles.

It takes place on the 4th-8th of October 2023 at the NEC Birmingham, Pendigo Way, Marsrton Green, B40 1NT

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