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The UK produces 260,000 Tonnes of waste denim in
1 year.
Stretch denim is notoriously difficult to recycle

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We believe in doing things a little differently...

Denimolite acts as a time capsule for garments worn today, encapsulating one of our most popular textiles with high-quality products that look good.

Our material Denimolite stands against the direct emissions of CO2 from existing poly-cotton recycling - incineration.

we simply transform ALL types of waste denim

Designed for architectural and interiors markets.

Ideal for furniture and fittings in commercial and residential spaces.

Denimolite is an upcycled-denim composite that transforms waste from second-hand clothing markets and the fashion industry into a new high-grade composite.

We use a plant-based bio resin when making Denimolite, the ingredients are co-products (waste produce from other industries), meaning that they are none compete products with food production or food based agriculture.

The net planted based ingredient percentage is amongst the highest in the industry - significantly reducing its environmental impact.


Material supplier

Denimolite is available to purchase as stock material, suitable for furniture and fitting in commercial and residential spaces.

Denim sourcing

We source our waste denim from donations, charity shops and partnering with denim brands.

Retail Products

We provide our customers with high quality products made from Denimolite composite.

We prevent polycotton waste from entering Landfills Oceans and incinerators

The Material

Denimolite's potential applications are endless!

Denimolite Texture Icon.png


Denimolite offers a look like no other, with our marbled fabric effect available in a variety of finishes.

Performance Icon.png

unrivalled performance

With a material properties similar to that of ABS and cast iron, you can be sure that Denimolite will survive day to day use.

Waterproof Icon.png


We coat Denimolite in responsibly sourced beeswax to make it completely waterproof.

why denimolite?

Here at Denimolite, we turn up-cycled waste denim into just about anything, from kitchenware to furniture and even jewellery!

In response to the global textile pollution crisis, we offer waste disposal solutions for stretch denim, which can be notoriously difficult to recycle due to the labour and chemically intensive processes required to separate the man-made fibres from the easily recycled cotton.

With each Denimolite purchase you can enjoy hand crafted, quality products made from materials that would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

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