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The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

Sponsors by Green Grads, Denimolite received a warm welcome from the public in Manchester

Denimolite is an innovative material that up-cycles waste from second-hand clothing markets and the fashion industry. We provide manufacturers and customers with the assurance that their denim products never enter landfills, oceans, or incinerators. Unlike existing initiatives and municipal recycling, here at Denimolite, our production uses ALL types of waste denim, including the notoriously difficult-to-recycle stretch denim and other blended denim. Manufacturers have access to a new means of waste disposal for either manufacturing off-cuts or waste garments in the form of a new high-grade composite, which we transform into a range of beautiful, tactile, premium quality and sustainable products.

We are a pre-seed start-up, taking orders for products, and searching for brand partnerships and investment. Particularly interesting in brand partnerships with denim brands, clothing retailers, charity shops, second-hand clothing companies as well as primary/ secondary schools.

To ensure the survival of Denimolite Ltd during these early stages of business, we are searching for investment into the brand – this will allow us to grow our company more easily and effectively, enable the mass processing of waste garments and fabrics, as well as furthering our production system to include all types of waste fabrics, not only waste denim. It is our goal as a company to reduce the environmental impact of the: 70 million pairs of jeans sold each year in the UK which contributes toward the 2.16million tonnes of waste denim being produced annually, the 39,000 tonnes of waste clothing entering landfill sites in the Atacama each year as well as the 7.5 million lbs of waste clothing arriving in Kantamanto Ghana each week. Contact details listed above for serious investment, complimentary bottle openers for each investor! Please get in touch regarding any other correspondence, commissions, or product enquiries.

!!!!Bottle openers!!!!

Our first production run of Denimolite bottle openers is available to purchase at as well as on Sunday at the Green Grads in the North. In-person sales will be available when Josh is at his stand. Each is for sale for £10, grab them quickly before they sell out!

Made to Order

All other items on show are also available to purchase, although due to the current situation for the company - all other items are bespoke and made to order, lead times will vary depending on the item. However, expect manufacture and delivery to take up to 3 weeks. We will stay in touch and update you every step of the way with your order, even supplying you with photos of the process!

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